Dear Daughter,

You’re awesome.

Love, Dad

As a woman made alive in Christ, you have the power to bring Life into any situation through the authority of your words. Proverbs 18:21, talks about how our words can bring life or death. For example- when speaking to yourself do you use words like ‘ugh- I’m such an idiot’, or ‘I can never do anything right’ these words would be found in the death-giving category; meaning that they are in no way encouraging, and on top that they are not even true. Versus, words like – ‘you’ve got this girl’ and ‘ you are totally awesome’. These words not only leave you feeling uplifted and wonderful, but they are the truth. I once had a pastor of mine explain it like this: talk to yourself as you would talk to a five-year old- full of love. So, if you were honest with yourself- how are you exercising this authority? Do your words reflect the life that you have been so freely given? What about the words that you speak over yourself? Are they a breath of fresh air?

Take some time to reflect on your language today. Encourage yourself and another girl in your world with Life giving words; you’ll be amazed by the outcome!

“ Words kill, words give life: they’re either poison or fruit- you choose” MSG.

Proverbs 18:21

pic via @thegirlandherlens