in love.

Dear Daughter,

You are without blame before me in love.

Love, Dad

I don’t know if you have ever made the drive out to Lake Tahoe, California, on HWY 50 during the dead of winter, but it is extraordinarily beautiful. You enter into this gorgeous landscape of white crisp snow that is completely undisturbed for miles and miles. Craig (my hubby) and I were driving out that way a couple of years ago, and the song nothing but the blood of Jesus came on the radio. As I listened to the lyrics “Oh! Precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow,” while driving past dozens of whitewashed fields, it painted such a stunning picture of our stature in Christ. When you allow Jesus into your heart and choose to follow in your Father’s footsteps, you stand in front of your Redeemer perfectly holy and blameless in His sight!

“For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love”

Ephesians 1:4

pic via @tomcatcolee


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